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Cosmic Variance
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A blog run by several scientists that discuss what's new in cosmology and physics.
InFact Video
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Brian Dunning's InFact video series. They're basically condensed versions of some of his episodes of Skeptoid.
James Randi Educational Foundation
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Lots of resources and a big forum, a $1 million challenge for the paranormal and pseudoscience, all kinds of great stuff for skeptics!
Jenny McCarthy Body Count
Tags: vaccines, health woo [ Add Tags ]
A ticker of the number of deaths and illnesses due to vaccine-preventable diseases thanks to anti-vaccine activism from people like Jenny McCarthy. Links at the top break the total down by week, and there's also other vaccine related information.
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A site to search for medical research papers and information about medical conditions.
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Dr. Stephen Barrett's comprehensive site on alternative medicine and other forms of health fraud.
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A wiki on skepticism. Includes many snarky but informative articles on topics of skeptical interest, including health and alternative medicine, the paranormal, prominent people in the skeptical movement, and conspiracy theories. RationalWiki also includes 'What is going on in the blog/clogosphere', where users can posts links to articles from reliable and fringe sources to be voted up or down. There's also a special 'What is going on' for Conservapedia, a fringe right wiki. There's also a news section.
Science Based Medicine
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A blog about medicine, co-authored by several doctors including Steven Novella and Mark Crislip. It covers scientific treatments, and also debunks alternative medicine and health fraud.
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A weekly science podcast dedicated to furthering knowledge by blasting away the widespread pseudosciences that infect popular culture.
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An awesome website that critically examines all manner of topics, often popular urban legends, ranging from conspiracies to health to general misconceptions.
The Kennedy Assassination (McAdams)
Tags: JFK conspiracy [ Add Tags ]
A site created by political science professor John Mcadams that debunks nearly every JFK conspiracy claim.
The Skeptic's Dictionary
Tags: woo [ Add Tags ]
A great site with entries organized by category and alphabet. Topics include just about everything of interest to skeptics...conspiracy theories, alternative medicine, the paranormal and more!
The Vaccine Times
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A great site about vaccines. It includes information on vaccines, recent news, and also tracks the activities of the anti-vaccine crowd.
What's the Harm?
Tags: woo, conspiracy theories, the paranormal, pseudoscience, alternative medicine [ Add Tags ]
Think believing in conspiracy theories, the paranormal, pseudoscience, alternative medicine and other forms of woo is harmless? Think again. This site contains numerous stories of people who were harmed by believing in some form of woo.