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MUERTOS BLOG: Embracing Reason: A Former 9/11 Truther Abandons Conspiracy Theories.

Author: Clock
Date: Apr 03, 2013 at 10:26

I am not Muertos and I do not know him. I am simply reposting these articles because I had found them on the Internet Wayback Machine. Do not contact me when it comes to this blog, I am not its author and my views are not necessarily his. REPEAT: I AM NOT MUERTOS.


In doing what I often do-debunking conspiracy theories-I often get a lot of hate mail. Conspiracy theories are a belief system held by many people every bit as deeply as religion, and attacking 9/11 Truth, chemtrails or New World Order theories is to a conspiracy theorist like attacking the concept of God is to someone who is devoutly religious. (My anti-conspiracy activities have even earned me a place on the enemies lists of two organizations committed to spreading conspiracy theories, the Desteni cult and the Zeitgeist Movement).

Therefore, it is rare, but extremely gratifying, to get some positive feedback for a change. Someone from Skeptic Project (formerly Conspiracy Science) forwarded me this email from a former 9/11 Truther who wished to thank the administrators of the site for helping him to swim out of the toxic soup of conspiracy thinking. I'm not active on Skeptic Project anymore, but I was when this person was there, and I addressed several arguments to him that evidently got through to him. I won't publish his name or identifying details, but his works speak for themselves.

About, I'd say, a year now, I e mailed you guys after coming home early from a crappy wedding I was at. I e mailed you about your site and how I don't think you're all agents and that I just believe there are certain things about 9/11 that don't hold up. It was during the summer and I had really gotten into 9/11 and the whole conspiracy about it.

When college started again at the end of September, I had other things to study and stuff so drifted away from the 9/11 debate. I really did have believe it was an inside job, but there were certain things that weren't adding up. A couple of things from your site and others had planed seeds(as Jones would say) that made me question what the conspiracists were providing evidence about.

This may be a certain shock to you, but it was actually Ron Paul, yes, Ron Paul who turned me away from categorically saying "9/11 was an inside job". He lead me on to Michael Scheuer and I went from there and did a lot of reading about Bin Laden etc. That got me interested as reading his latest book about him by Scheuer, Osama Bin Laden I was confused as to why he said Bin Laden never wanted the Americans help. I thought about the Bin Laden Brzezinski clip. I tried looking for information about it and went to the satanic site 9/11 myths. They, with links and meticulous research, thoroughly debunked that picture. I'd always thought that it didn't look like Bin Lade, but guess I was blinded by the reality(I never would have said that writing an e-mail to you last year, on any subject).

After that, I decided that I wanted to get the full proof once. I was lucky enough to come across Mark Roberts. I saw him annihilate Jones in public. But that wasn't really it that made me want to look up his stuff more. It was the ease at which he did. His debunking of WTC7 was a smack in the face for me for two reasons: 1, it was so easy to explain. Nigro ordered the building to be evacuated 3 hours before it did and other stuff, no need to explain it all, just a quick example. 2, I had been lied to by Alex Jones and his gang.

I read a lot of his work, watched him debate on Hardfire and saw his video about WTC7 the towers and explosions, etc. I couldn't believe it.

Anyway, I may have said to you last time "Oh, you should just concentrate on other issues, Jones isn't doing anything." I was wrong. I'm no genius, but I and others would say I'm bright and I got really good grades in college as I'm sure a lot of other people who did or do believe it to be an inside job. But I was duped by Jones and others. The editing of footage, the exclusion of noises in videos. The madness of Jones, etc. All this was yield because they engaged in chicanery in their documentaries.

But I can't just blame them. I have myself to blame as well for not looking at both sides and applying common sense. Like the commissioners quotes. I should have known better then be putting my own context around them.

What's the point of this e-mail? It's a simple thank you. And also, going by your hate mail, I can see you receive a plethora of angry truthers' hate.
If you want, you can put this e-mail on your site. Hopefully others who have slight doubts will see that there is hope once you admit you were wrong(just don't put my e-mail up or name, don't want to be flooded with hate mail). Oh, and I never called myself a truther, never once, embarrassing term. I know the annoyance you feel too, I have been called an agent of Mossad for pointing out things about building 7 and I see where the aversions you guys have come from. You really can't get through to most of these people. Why they say "I wish it wasn't true" but can't accept the facts, are beyond me.

To sum up, I encourage you to flatten and their nonsense. I fully understand why you and others have such antipathy towards Alex Jones and the rest. I picked up David Ray Griffin's new book and the lies and distortions are unbelievable, they really are.

So, to you guys, Mark Roberts, 9/11 myths and a guy from Canada on youtube(DSGLOP), thank you for tackling the chicanery and the distortions by "truthers."

People often ask me why I waste my time trying to debunk conspiracy theories, because the tinfoil hatters never listen. Well, people, this is why I do it. This email is a better thanks for all my effort against conspiracy theories than any other form of recognition. So here is proof positive that conspiracy nuts can be reformed, and with the use of logic, critical thinking and evidence we can combat the disingenuous lies and distortions of the conspiracy theorist crowd. Bravo to this ex-Truther for finally seeing the light.

Thanks for reading.