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Forum - That Icke crank talking about Doctors

idiotic opinions by Icke on doctors

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anticultistPosted: Feb 01, 2013 - 09:20

Brainwashing you for money

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David Icke Newsletter Preview



The David Icke Newsletter Goes Out On Sunday

I haven't been to a doctor for aeons because I prefer to be healed than be made still sicker. My great mate, Mike Lambert, at the Shen Clinic on the Isle of Wight, keeps me healthy and he is constantly picking up the pieces after people have been damaged by 'doctors' and Big Pharma medicine.

It is no mystery why, in the light of all the evidence, that the number one killer in the United States is the treatment. Add together all the doctor errors, drug-reaction fatalities, deadly infections picked up in hospitals etc., and you find that doctors and treatment by mainstream sources is the leading cause of death ahead of heart disease and cancer. An investigation by the respected online Consumer Reports said:

Infections, surgical mistakes, and other medical harm contributes to the deaths of 180,000 hospital patients a year, according to projections based on a 2010 report from the Department of Health and Human Services. Another 1.4 million are seriously hurt by their hospital care. And those figures apply only to Medicare patients. What happens to other people is less clear because most hospital errors go unreported and hospitals report on only a fraction of things that can go wrong ...

... 'There is an epidemic of health-care harm,' says Rosemary Gibson, a patient-safety advocate and author. More than 2.25 million Americans will probably die from medical harm in this decade, she says. 'That's like wiping out the entire populations of North Dakota, Rhode Island, and Vermont. It's a man-made disaster'...

... 'Hospitals haven't given safety the attention it deserves,' says Peter Pronovost, M.D., senior vice president for patient safety and quality at Johns Hopkins Medicine in Baltimore. Nor has the government, he says. 'Medical harm is probably one of the three leading causes of death in the US, but the government doesn't adequately track it as it does deaths from automobiles, plane crashes, and cancer. It's appalling.'

Governments don't track it because they are controlled by the same forces that own Big Pharma. So, a deep breath here: Deaths caused by different aspects of the treatment are right up there as the leading cause of death in America and yet 'most hospital errors go unreported and hospitals report on only a fraction of things that can go wrong ...' Shit, what must the real figure be then?

Death by doctor must on that basis be way ahead of anything else contributing to people departing this world. It will be the same in other countries, too, because they are all dominated by 'Western medicine' which is often nothing more than a fast-track to the cemetery. But then it must be this way because pharmaceutical medicine is treating a body that it does not understand (although those in the shadows do and they are doing this on purpose).

Studies have also revealed that adverse drug reactions are under-reported by as much as 85 to 94 per cent and let nobody kid themselves that very many deaths caused by drugs and incompetence are not given a fraudulent cause to cover up what happened. On one level the body is an electrochemical organism and this can be devastated by pharmaceutical drugs and radiation treatment.
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Evil ElvisPosted: Feb 05, 2013 - 02:01


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Is it wrong to want to punch this douche bag in the face, repeatedly? I mean, he is Jesus after all so I am conflicted.
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anticultistPosted: Feb 15, 2013 - 09:57

Brainwashing you for money

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I think he probably needs more than a punch in the face to put him back in reality He would see being punched as verification he was doing something right, since someone from the new world order or whatever wanted to prevent him spreading his truth.

Dude needs dosing with meds and having a long rest on the ward.
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