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Forum - Family Doc Says No To Perilous Chickenpox Pops

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Agent MattPosted: Nov 07, 2011 - 20:39

Genuine American Monster

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Wolf BirdPosted: Nov 07, 2011 - 22:35

I shoot you dead.

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This is going to bring the anti-vaxxers out in the force. Also, I find this practice disgusting and I hope the law cracks down on it. Even though it'll make the anti-vaxxers crow about the cover-up/conspiracy.
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PathfinderPosted: Nov 08, 2011 - 06:44

This apple is your CT. Princess Luna represents logic.

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"This belief is so common that a mom in Nashville, Tenn., is reportedly offering lollipops, Q-tips and spit infected with chickenpox for sale to parents who want to avoid the chickenpox vaccine. For $50 the infected items will be shipped to your door. Something similar has been reported in Phoenix as well."

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Elm Nehmara Grand RapidsPosted: Nov 10, 2011 - 23:22

I don't deal well with shrillers

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This is so illegal. On top of that, why expose your child to chickenpox just so they can be "naturally" infected? So they can suffer from shingles when they're older? My mom got shingles, twice, she is currently going through her second one right now, it's on her head and it is so painful that "even my hair hurts"

If I had a child, they would get the vaccine. I wouldn't want them to get shingles later on. Hell, I'm scared of getting shingles when I get older.
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