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Blogs - Clock - Skeptic Project responding To Prison Planet: (why we haven't given up on life because we don't believe in conspiracy theories)

Author: Clock (Show other entries)
Date: Jul 31, 2013 at 14:32

By Clock
Skeptic Project is a debunking website, and one of the more popular ones I may add. It really is a website that is on the same level as the JREF forums, Screw Loose Change, and Debunking 9/11. We are known mainly for debunking Zeitgeist or the Bohemian Grove. Once in awhile, like other debunking websites, we make it onto the conspiracy circuit, and that circuit seems to be the Prison Planet Forums, by calling Skeptic Project a "Cointelpro source."

Now this is obviously a play on the bottom of the website's title: "Your #1 COINTELPRO cognitive infiltration source." which is obviously a joke.
The thing is, Theorists do not like debunking sites because it disagrees with their opinion on 9/11, for example. (There are also other reasons, such as debunkers making fun of them for their beliefs, but that's another story for another time) which is why they often tend to call us disinformation agents. (If you do not know, Disinfo agents are supposed workers for the government who are stopping conspiracy theorists from exposing the "truth" on such event, like 9/11, for example)

A fellow colleague of mine on this website, known as The Burger King posted an article entitled 'COINTELPRO! COINTELPRO! COINTELPRO!' This forum post depicts what the Prison planet frequenters had to say about our website, but more specifically about the Alex Jones articles that were written by Edward L. Winston which debunk 3 of his most popular movies. In this prison planet forum post contained many replies by conspiracy theorists, calling all debunkers Brainwashers, government lovers, ignorant, and even insane, despite that fact that everything we say contains many, many sources.

Most of the things that they've said about us have been adressed in this excellent article by Muertos that can be found here.

What interested me the most about this forum post was about that reply sent in by "infowarrior_039". The idea of this blog is that I will respond to his comment in order to clear any misconceptions. The green is "Infowarrior_039" and the black text is me.

Yes, it is too bad people can attack this information and the information about the New World Order as best as we can know. It is a very complex system of power, politics, banking, secret societies and control.

The first line already determines a flaw in the whole New World Order conspiracy theory. As explained into lengths in this article on Thrive Debunked, there is very little evidence to prove the existence of the NWO. Therefore, why believe in it? The thing about conspiracy believing is that you should never trust what the government says. Which means that whatever they will say is a lie.

Of course people like Alex Jones, Webster Tarpley, Gerald Celente and others are not right 100% of the time.

Yup, and far from it. (this, this) Do I need to say more?

Often they are not able to articulate the machine known as the New World Order accurately enough, in and in the aim of getting to the root of the issue, may on occasion make a seemingly erroneous statement, or one that is both correct and incorrect at the same time,

Alex jones has been talking about conspiracy theories since the mid-90's. How long has it taken him to talk accurately enough about the NWO? Yes, Alex Jones is right sometimes, but on alot of things, he tends to take insignificant and highly subjective occurrences as the proof of the nwo existing, or that America is going to become a huge police state. Look here for example.

A real researcher of the NWO knows that the New World Order is ALWAYS engaging in a continual battle for the minds and souls of humanity, including even their own highest ranking members.

That is a baseless argument, without any proof, but I suspect that this is talking about the so called "Illuminati" symbols in the media such as award shows or music videos. here is a video of rapper 2pac saying that he does not believe in the Illuminati and that it is not real. If an artist from the so called 'evil' music industry says that it is BS, can it exist? No! Of course, that would be assuming that 'they' were hiding themselves from him, despite the fact that they're have been other artists that have been considered to be 'tools' for the NWO in order to brainwash people. But again, how would 2pac not know this? Isn't it an 'insider' secret? Also, does a 'good' NWO researcher depicts going on websites like Natural News, who constantly predict that martial law is coming in america (here).

Another aspect where this skeptic attack has some merit is regarding some qoutes made by famous politicians and figures. Well it is possible that someone present took note of what people like David Rockefeller and the Rothschild and others have said in Bilderberg meetings, there does not seem to be a solid source for some of the qoutes that are attributed to him. Likewise, research on some other well known qoutes involving liberty and the revolution are very poorly sourced or are miss attributed or on occasion even misquoted.

I do agree with this here. Many quotes are used by CT's because they justify it as proof to the NWO, although most of the time they are fake or out of context. If you lookup the quote on google,the source of most of these are from conspiracy websites.

Well in my opinion none of these quotes are necessary in order to prove the activities of the New World Order, if they could be better sourced and verified then it would be of great help to wake others up. Indeed, many of these powerful quotes have woken countless numbers of people up including my self.

Wait, what? You've said before that there are lots of phony quotes, but then say that they are an excellent way to make people believe in the NWO by using quotes THAT DO NOT EXIST? If I would say a man can fly than show skeptics that the man is not flying but jumping, would that be a convincing reason to believe that the man is flying? (The term "waking up" means to believe in the nwo and know the "truth") I would say that that is very hypocritical on his part, to believe in these made up quotes, but I think the term Ironic fits better.

All having been said, we need to realize the well established military tactic of fog of war. Indeed the majority of things INFOWARS, Alex Jones and other truth seekers talk about is well sourced, well researched, and based from the most accurate source available.

No comment. I will just post this link up: (it proves how right Alex Jones has been)

The problem with skeptics and "debunkers" of truth seekers like Alex Jones and others is that no matter what, something we have said or done is wrong, or currently inaccurate based on the information that is publicly available, and therefore nothing we say has any value because we have "no idea what we are talking about". These skeptics hurl attacks on truth seekers, caught up in their quest to prove us all wrong, become exactly what they are accusing us of. Indeed expect for the very few mistakes or misunderstandings we may have made, they offer very little evidence or proof that they have a better idea, a better understanding or explanation, nor do we have any solid proof or evidence that backs our claims.

Infowarrior_039 makes no effort to prove if we were wrong on any of the Alex Jones topics. Also, if there information was correct, then we would not need to have to correct it, would we? The final statement is interesting. He says that he knows that conspiracy theorists have very little proof to back up their claim, which is again, ironic. (why believe in something with very little proof? [Religion is not the same thing])

IN the eyes of skeptics, their are no books, no documents, no whitepapers, no treaties, no declassified briefings, no evidence of any kind that proves a "monolithic and ruthless conspiracy". In fact in thier closed off minds, the word "conspiracy" does not exist. Even when hundreds and thousands of people around the world are criminally charged for "planning or committing an act of conspiracy" against various entities, their is no conspiracy.In the eyes of skeptics bound to prove everyone with an open mind wrong, they accept the full force of 1984 thought control and convince them selves that conspiracy simply does not exist. That power does not corrupt. That greed and control do not corrupt. They love denial, and thier is nothing we can do to prove them of anything. These skeptics would argue if you tried to tell them the sky was blue.

Can you show me a book, that proves the existence of the NWO? Of course, this taken entirely out of context, but it's another classic conspiracy theorist line: "You don't believe anything is wrong in the world! You just think everything is fine and dandy!
As usual with other conspiracy theorists, they love putting words in our mouths, because we disagree with them. They think that we 100% support awful 1984 type governments, which they love quoting so much.

If you really were about knowledge, truth and information, you would accept that almost everything we say is as accurate or as credible as we possibly can.

Quote from member emcada: In other words, you have zilch. We already understand this part.

Skeptics and debunkers out their, please know, we are in this together. Humanity is in this together. If you love being poisoned, fine. If you love dieing and death, fine. If you love being bankrupt, fine. If you love tyranny, fine. If you love your oppresses, fine. If you disown your own humanity and your own mental and spiritual power, fine. But if you really are ready to watch humanity disappear into insanity and extinction, go ahead. Just look at your children, parents, grandparents, and ancestors, and tell them you have given up on life. Tell them you have given up on humanity, that you have forsaked your own brain, your own gift of life on this marvelous planet. If you really think serving the full blown evil of the NWO is something you want to have on your name and your soul through eternity go ahead, just dont try and drag others into your hell hole, we are good people who care about our lives, our species, our home. We are trying to defend humanity while we are on our last legs. Thank you helping save humanity. You're doing a great job. Keep it up.

We are mean people because we disagree with them. These are the people that will keep on insisting that 9/11 was faked, and will use it as an attempt to push their anti-Semitic, paranoid and intolerant world view to you. These people don't really care that 3000 innocent men and women had died on that day, but do you really think they care about? No. They only care about their termite on the metal, WTC 7 being a "smoking gun", or proving that Bin Laden is innocent. These are the people that tell you that Global Warming is not real and that is a lie pushed by the government, despite the various articles that say otherwise, including that if the CO2 level goes above 2.0 by 2050, we will be screwed. But they only care about the 31'000 scientists sign a list that it is a fraud.This is ironic because he tells me that I am abandoning my unborn kids, my parents, and other family because I don't believe in something that will potentially screw us over as being able to live in this planet. I've given up on life because I don't believe in conspiracy theories. It must really suck living in the world that infowarrior_039 is living in, it seems awfully paranoid, and quite scary.
If you people want to have a discussion with us about the New World Order theory, that is fine, but don't ask us to prove that it is fake. There is already no evidence for the theory in the first place, so it is up to you to prove that it is real.

There was nothing really scientific about this article, but mainly to refute infowarriors_39's points.
Thank you for reading.

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